You want to land more job interviews while staying safe and social distancing.
You’d like to be in several places at once so you can hear about great job opportunities first.
You would love it if you never had to apply online but got fantastic job offers that were tailor-made for you.

There’s only one problem.

To achieve those things, you need to tap into the massive world of unadvertised and unposted jobs, aka the “Hidden Job Market.”
And typically, that means improving your personal brand and becoming a better networker.
But you’re a real person with a busy life, full-time real responsibilities!
You just don’t like cold-calling strangers to build new relationships from scratch.
You don’t know how to improve your personal brand and networking.
As a result, your network is not referring you to opportunities,
You’re not getting any callbacks or job offers…

Until now, that only left you with a few options:

Hire a career coach, even though they charge $450+/hour,
Accept that this is as good as things are going to get…
Invest countless hours learning how to network, improve your personal brand, and tap into the “hidden job market.”

I went with option 3.

I stopped applying for jobs online because my network was regularly sending opportunities my way.
Since employers weren’t calling me back, I started using my HR training to
define my soft skills, develop interview questions, recording my own
video interviews and video testimonials from previous superiors and
coworkers for submission with my resume.

The results were phenomenal!

1. Callbacks for interviews started rolling in
2. Recruiters offered positions than what I applied for and offered to create positions for me
3. I started getting referred for opportunities by people I wasn’t closely associated with
4. I stopped applying for jobs online because my network was regularly sending opportunities my way.

That’s when I realized I was on to something.

That experience taught me that other job seekers could get hired faster for
better positions if they knew what I knew and did what I did.

That’s why I created 3 To Get Ready – The Definitive Guide for Standing Out In The Video Age.

3 To Get Ready is an online masterclass that can:

Save you from hours of cold calling strangers and telling them you’re looking for work.
Enlighten you on how Applicant Tracking Systems really work, so you know
precisely what information to put in your resume.
Guide you on using video to support your resume, networking, and job search.
Show you how to inspire acquaintances on your network and gain crucial access to new opportunities.
Help you avoid attending those depressing “networking” events, where making small talk and shaking hands with strangers is not only uncomfortable – it’s downright dangerous!

With 3 to Get Ready, You’ll Get:

Know the best way to support your resume and networking with video, why you want to do it, and what tools to use.
Understand the 3 additional types of video content you should be using to support your resume and networking and how to create them.
Learn how and why networking from a distance is even better than networking in person.
Master the art of the interview – on video and in-person.
Find out what really happens when you apply for jobs through an applicant tracking system and how to adjust your resume accordingly.
Discover once and for all what crucial bit of information should ALWAYS be on your resume.

Imagine what it would be like to:



Interview simultaneously for an unlimited number of positions while
doing something else you love – and ace them all!
Enjoy a screening process that happens in minutes or hours instead of days or weeks.
Make a better first impression – and have a better screening conversation – every time.
Stop paying resume writers to describe something that you can show them yourself.
Stop applying for jobs online and waiting for callbacks that are probably never coming.
You can have all of these things with 3 To Get Ready.

Plus, if you act today, I’ll also include a special offer to join 

Connexion Pointe®, and I’ll even add my

bonus module “Interviewing is a Skill…”



You can continue to do the same thing you’ve been doing—spending tons of time figuring out a strategy of your own and getting mediocre results. Or you can choose a proven strategy and invest in your long term best interests.
If you’re ready to take your personal branding and networking to the next level, click the button below.