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Grammy® Award-Winning Musician and Tech CEO Reveals How to Screen up to

45 Candidates per Day and

Make Excellent Hires in a

Fraction of the Time.

Connect With Rock Star Candidates and

Get Through the Screening Process Fast With

Pointe Savant®

Our Self-Service Video-Interviewing and 

Screening Platform for Networking Recruiters! Only Available at 

Connexion Pointe®

"I can't think of a better marketing tool in the Human Resources realm. It's not cheap, but it works. As this method of promotion takes hold in the marketplace, the question won't be whether you can afford to do it, but whether you can afford not to."

- Ron Garant, Owner/Publisher MI Media

 Finding More

Quality Candidates 

To Hire Isn’t Getting Any Easier Is It?

You’ve probably used key words

as a basis for selecting candidates


 …or waded through hundreds of

resumes and cover letters

looking for candidates who

might be a “great fit”…

…or tried to build your candidate database

by phone screening and interviewing

more candidates.

…all with frustrating results!

But There’s Good News! 

 My name is Mel Brown

and I know exactly how

you feel, because

I was one of those

“Rock Star” candidates

you were looking for!

There were too many unqualified

applicants between us

clogging up the works and

making it impossible for us to connect…

But that’s in the past now. These days

I’ve managed to achieve quite a bit of success

because I’ve learned from my experience

being on both sides of this coin:

I’m able to interview

up to 45 candidates per day

by myself and compete with agencies

with far more resources…

I’m able to connect, screen, and

confidently submit more qualified

candidates after lowering my cost

by more than half.

I’m also very lucky that

I avoid wasting time and money

re-screening my previous rejects. 

But let’s

keep it real…

We Both Know Things Didn’t Start Out This Way…

Before I ever achieved any success at all,

there were a lot of roadblocks.

They were the same obstacles

that made me feel like quitting

when I was a candidate:

No Callbacks Or Interviews

Companies didn’t even have the courtesy to let me know if I was being considered or if I should move on.

Terrible Interviews

I didn’t know most interviewers (85-90%) were not formally trained on how to conduct proper interviews. When I was lucky enough to get an interview, they asked a bunch of irrelevant questions that didn’t highlight my talent.

Getting Ghosted

Some recruiters lead me to believe that I had a great chance of getting the job and then abruptly stopped communicating.

Of course, you know exactly

what I’m talking about, right?


Great recruiters

have a bad reputation because

mediocre recruiters


candidates’ time,


candidates’ calls,


candidates’ emails, 

and act like



You’ve got a thick skin

from dealing

with unqualified 


who use every trick

in the book

to get past the

applicant tracking system.

If up to 75% of my candidate pool was

unqualified, I’d be a bit short-tempered too!


You’ve seen resumes

formatted in a zillion different styles but

learned the hard way they were likely

written by professional writers and

NOT the candidates

You’re posting your

jobs and getting inundated with

unqualified applicants.



To make things worse,

you’re Googling and sifting through a

bunch of irrelevant social media posts

just to piece together some idea of what

you’d really be getting in a candidate… 

All of which results in

no increase in

Rock Star Candidates!

It looks like the best candidates are frustrated

because screening isn’t getting any better,

even though you’re working harder than ever.


The term Black Hole” comes to mind.

Sound familiar?

Well, right or wrong

I blamed you for that too…

I could only try to get your attention

for so long before

I felt like giving up.

Just Before I Gave Up,

I Got A Simple Idea

That Changed Everything.

Since no one was making the effort

to interview me, I decided to

record my own video interview

and submit it with my resume.

I figured that even if recruiters like you

ultimately said “No”,

you might still take a look

at me because it

wouldn’t require any effort and it was free.

My idea was different, but I didn’t care

what anyone thought

because I chose to

believe in myself

and accept that

my skills are valid.


I called my resume,

self-service interview and

supporting content a “Profile”.

When I handed it to someone, I’d say

Here’s everything you need to know

to make a decision

about hiring me…

Yes, I got some strange looks.

But I knew that anyone

looking at my Profile 

would be blown away by 

my presentation.

Guess What?



The results speak for themselves:

As soon as I started doing this,

everything instantly got easier:


I Started Getting Callbacks

The phone started ringing. The good recruiters were asking

excellent follow-up questions based on my content, and

inquiring about possible start dates.

The lazy recruiters were asking questions

I’d already answered and still getting my last name wrong.

(By the way, how do you screw up “Brown”?)



There Were Better Positions

Good recruiters asked about my interest in different fields

and other  “unadvertised” positions. 

Many were better than the job I was applying for.

Rude recruiters asked I could “hold off” on interviews with others.

Good thing I didn’t “hold-off” because they ghosted me anyway…



The Referrals Started

I started getting calls from fantastic recruiters for excellent jobs at

companies I hadn’t applied to. They’d say that I was “referred by someone” at a different company.

Some crappy recruiters had a different referral in mind:

“Would you mind putting me in touch with whoever made this for you…”


Yeah…Let that sink in…



Complete Validation

This happened when I was laid off from my job at a bank.

I was moonlighting as a musician and decided to

see if my Profile worked in the music industry. A late-night talk show host named 

Arsenio Hall

was having a contest that required a video submission,

so I sent him my Profile and asked him for job instead.

He hired me 19 days later.

And told the story to

20 million viewers.



I continued in music and used my Profile to land jobs with some of the

biggest names on the planet.

To date, I’ve recorded on

quite a few successful

recordings as reported in

Billboard Magazine

Billboard Apearances

Top 10 Billboard Singles

#1 Billboard Singles

 and I’ve appeared on

2 Grammy 



 and I’ve appeared on

2 Grammy 




The Bottom Line:

Regardless of the industry,

My Profile Got Me in the Door

with BETTER recruiters and employers. My talent and hard work kept me there.


Awesome Recruiters

understood the value of my Profile and took

full advantage of vetting me at lightning speed.


Lousy Recruiters

ignored the Profile, asked questions I’d already answered, and

proved why I wouldn’t want to work with them anyway. 


That’s When I Knew

I’d Created Something

Really Special.

After achieving this success,

I wanted to share my solution with


candidates and recruiters.

Since then, I’ve helped

countless others in many industries

never-ending crap in their job search,

and anonymously posting their complaints

on social media or blogs

to avoid retaliation from bad recruiters.

I’ve always thought complaining was useless.

So I decided to stop being a part of the problem and


I launched a company online called

Connexion Pointe®

with the single goal of making

the screening process better for

excellent candidates and the

outstanding recruiters

looking for them.


It’s my pleasure to introduce

Pointe Savant®

The Self-Service Video Interviewing Suite and

Candidate Screening Platform

That Will Help You Screen a Lot More Great Candidates,

Fill More Positions Faster, And

Save You a Lot of Time and Money.

So what exactly is Pointe Savant®?



Pointe Savant® is an excellent

screening tool for recruiters

willing to accept a candidate’s resume,

video interview and

additional video content,

at first contact.


Can this tool really turn everything around?

How does it work?


Yes it Can.

For screening,

Pointe Savant® is

Full Contact at First Contact!

First, candidates create a

job-related video interview in our Pointe Profile® app.

Then they use other tools to

create additional video content, 

and create a gorgeous PDF resume

using our beautiful resume template.

Pointe Profile® creates a single link to

share everything with recruiters.

Recruiters source these candidates

on our exclusive

Connexion Pointe® ProNetwork site.

Recruiters click the link to view the content in our

Pointe Savant® app.

If the candidate’s 

resume impresses,

their job-related video interview

is already right there.

NO calling,

NO scheduling, and

NO waiting.

If you want to know more,

the candidate’s additional video content

is already waiting right there!

Then, if you have follow-up questions,

you can send them to the candidate 

immediately with our 

built-in AskMe™

messaging system.

By this time, any

excellent recruiter

should know if a candidate is 

a good fit or not

based on their merits. 

Bottom Line:

(This is where it gets really good.)

You just found out everything

you needed to know to

make a decision from

a safe distance


in less than an hour

instead of days or weeks!


The BEST part:

Unqualified or lazy candidates are

simply NOT going to work this hard

to get your attention.

Excellent candidates are known

for being capable and doing MORE.

Which is why



I designed my original Profile to SHOW you

why I’d be a good fit for your team,

PROVE it at my own expense, and

make it EASY for you to watch.

I created my first Profile 5 years

before the first video interviewing service

appeared on the internet,

proving my ideas weren’t far-fetched…

In fact, they align with some of the most

well-known experts in the world:

HR expert Lou Adler

recommends candidates’ linking to

video supporting their fit for a position:

Prove you're a contender...include a link to a video or website that further validates your abilities..."

Lou Adler, The Adler Group

Here’s How Pointe Savant® Features

Will Benefit You:


Screening Event Builder™

Our interview builders offers the ability to quickly create high-quality, job-related screening interviews that meet or exceed the best practices of many recruiters. Just follow the on-screen instructions and Screening Event Builder™ will guide you through creating creating a fantastic screening interview. With Pointe Savant® creating a relevant, structured behavioral interview (or a custom interview entirely from scratch) is easy.

 Value: $197



Bring Your Own Interview

Tired of scheduling interviews? With Pointe Savant® every incoming connexion may occur with the first interview already done. Every Connexion Pointe® interview begins with the same 2 questions:

Tell me a little bit about yourself...

Every Interviewer at every interview…

Tell me about your responsibilities on your current or previous job...

Every Interviewer on the planet…

These 2 questions serve as an introduction to each candidate. They’ve literally got 4 minutes to sell you on why they’re great for the job. If you like what you see, you can view their responses to 6 more questions. If they don’t make the cut, you can enter your notes and quickly move on.


Value: $960


Control the Size of Your Candidate Pool

If the goal is to get better hires in a cost-effective manner, it’s more important to scare away candidates who don’t fit than to jam more candidates into the recruiting funnel.

Peter Capelli, Harvard Business Review

You don’t have to be a Data Scientist to notice traditional screening channels were bogged down long before social distancing. One reason for this is that it’s too easy for unqualified candidates to click all day applying for jobs online. In addition to raising the bar for candidates just to be seen, Pointe Savant® has 3 powerful tools to keep frivolous and unqualified candidates at bay:

1. Purge Rejected Candidates

The Purge Rejected Candidate button identifies any candidate previously rejected by your staff, These candidates can be reviewed and reclassified at any time.

2. Accept Profile Settings

This simple setting gives you the ability of controlling the scope of acceptable interviews by job title, related fields, or if the interview was created by a candidate.

3. Limited Submissions

Pointe Savant® monitors the candidate submissions and ensures candidates are limited to one submission per job title within a 90 day period.


Fast & Easy Evaluations

In Pointe Savant® Your first interaction with candidate data is in the Candidate Evaluation Window, which houses all of the information for you and your team to view, evaluate and comment. Just click on 1 of the 4 easy to access tabs:

Tab 1: Resume

The first tab has the candidate’s contact information, photo, and a link to view their resume in PDF format. The resume opens in a new browser tab or window, where it can be saved, shared with staff, or printed. Recruiters who prefer starting with the resume can start here.

Tab 2: Video Playlists

If the resume sparks interest, the next tab conveniently displays the interview and optional video content prepared by the candidate. Staff can rate responses to interview questions by clicking one or more of the stars next to each question.

Tab 3: Notes & Comments

The third tab is where  notes, comments, and a recommendation can be entered to advance, reject or save the candidate for later. Team members can not see the comments entered by other members, and a Lead Team Member can be designated.

Tab 4: Pointe AskMe™

If your team has follow-up questions, the Pointe AskMe™ tab is the answer! Just enter your  question, choose a deadline for the candidate response and click send. You’ll get a notification when the candidate responds in the same window!

Value: $5000


Video Playlists

It may be obvious why an interview is valuable, but we added three additional video playlists! Experts like Alison Doyle also recommend maintaining an inventory of accomplishments:

"Create an inventory of your accomplishments, including your educational background and work history, to keep at hand should a chance encounter become a contact."

– Allison Doyle, The Balance Careers

Pointe Profile® offers the perfect solution for creating such an inventory! First, candidates choose a few really important questions they wish recruiters like you would ask. Then they go the extra mile using their favorite presentation software to illustrate their answers in 2 minutes or less! These playlists are organized into three categories: Experience, References, and Insight. Great Recruiters reap the benefit of this valuable information:

Experience Playlist

The candidate formulates their unique answer to a question like, “Can you describe your most significant career accomplishment?” Then they use their favorite presentation software to combine photos, slides, and any other appropriate media to create a short video illustrating their response! The video is uploaded to the experience playlist to make it available to recruiters.

References Playlist

Candidate’s who did some excellent work for some folks on their network can present video testimonials of current or previous coworkers. The References tab where these testimonials are available to recruiters. This infinitely more potent than a faceless endorsement, email or letter.

Insight Playlist

Many people have skills, experience, or talent that perhaps wasn’t used directly for the job title they are looking for, but relates to it. Candidates can present that information to recruiters using video uploaded to the “Insights” tab.

Value: $5000


Pointe AskMe™

AskMe™ is our response to slow and inefficient follow-up screening. Pointe AskMe™ is a text-based communication system built-in to all of our applications. It enables quick, easy and inexpensive follow-up communication between recruiters and candidates.

 Value: Priceless


Better Communication

Like recruiters, great candidates despise getting ghosted. At Connexion Pointe®, letting candidates know where they stand is standard practice and creating notifications for your candidate pool is a part of creating the event. At the conclusion of your screening events, Pointe Savant® automatically delivers them to all of your candidates.

 Value: $197


1. Candidate Advancing Message

This message is for candidates that have captured your interest and will be advancing to the next round of screening.

2. Candidate Save-For-Later Message

This message is for the candidates that aren’t advancing to the next round of interviews, but we’d like to keep them in mind for future positions.

2. Candidate Non-Acceptance Message

These are candidates that will probably not be considered for any position under any circumstances.


Open Submissions Database

At Connexion Pointe, we understand recruiting cycles and candidate interest don’t always operate on the same timeline. That’s why we added an Open Submissions feature Pointe Savant®. If you receive a Pointe Profile® interview link between screening events, you can save the candidate’s data in the Open Submissions database. When you’re ready to start a new hiring again you can start sourcing candidates right here!

 Value: Priceless



Connnexion Pointe® University

At Connexion Pointe, we know that a lot of folks get “promoted” into interviewing and recommending hires in addition to their primary roles. One of the best ways to adapt to evaluating candidates this new task is learning some essential fundamentals about interviewing. CXPU is a series of videos illustrating several methods for organizing your thoughts and answering interview questions in-person or on video.

 Value: $197


You Don’t Have to Take My Word for It…

I have

25 years

of documented proof that

my methods work.

Even though I was

just getting started as a Bassist,

my Profile device

was so strong that

music magazines

ran feature stories about it:


The next time someone tells you that Mel Brown is a top bassist, believe them. They’ve probably seen Brown’s unique enhanced-CD Profile.

Chris Jisi

Senior Editor, Bass Player Magazine - Winter 2000

Bassist Mel Brown has been causing quite a stir in the music industry lately. He has done more in the last three years than most musicians accomplish in a lifetime. As he puts it, “I am active in virtually every situation available to the modern bassist. Tours, club shows, movies, TV, both soundtrack and on camera acting, jingles, theme songs, corporate dates and endorsing.”

Arsenio Hall played a key role in breaking Mel’s career by inviting him on the show to play before a national television audience. He rose to the occasion by laying down a funky slap groove, completely winning over Arsenio and the audience. Mel took this exposure and made it count, landing a tour with music legend Gladys Knight, recordings with Brian McKnight, and cameo appearances in movies like Viva Rock Vegas and The Nutty Professor 2.
How did he do it, you ask? Well, while the rest of us have been sending out the typical demo discs, Mel has created what he calls his “Profile CD”. This invention is the most amazing self- promotion marketing tool of our time.

Tony Senatore

Writer, Global Bass Magazine - Spring 2000

…and here are some recent

comments from real folks


Connexion Pointe®:

The software also allows both parties (candidates and hiring entities) to do their prep work upfront before the interview process begins. So while it does take more planning and effort, the return on investment is so much greater to both parties as well…” On the candidate side, they are able to decide for themselves what type of interview they want to give and will get feedback only from interested parties. They don’t need to chase anyone down, wondering if they are interested or not, because they will only hear from companies that ARE interested.

Sheila Early

Director of Recruiting for Early Sourcing, Earley Sourcing

My name is Kim Vehon, and I’m sharing my personal experience on putting together a profile in hopes of finding a new job. I was really grateful for the opportunity to give an employer the full package of experiencing who I am as a candidate so that they can make an educated decision about whether or not I was the right fit for the job.

My profile empowered me to be able to not just able to bring my resume to the table, but really being able to showcase my skill sets and allow them to see the many aspects of skill sets that I have. I think that’s the most powerful thing about Connexion Pointe. It is not assuring that you’re going to get a job. It ensures that you’re able to be confident in what you bring to the table and to be confident they’re able to connect with you as an individual and make an educated choice from there

If you are in a similar situation, I can tell you there are two things:

1 – I did get the job! Yes, I do feel like I give them a lot of information, but the beautiful thing was they were able to look at the things they wanted to look at and bypass everything else.

2 – Going forward, if I’m ever in the situation where I have to to look for a job or network again and allow someone to get to know me, my Pointe Profile® is a tangible resource that exists for them to connect very quickly to my work.

So I would really encourage you to give it a chance just like I did.

Kim Vehon

Founder & CEO, Foster Arizona

Connexion Pointe® is brilliant.

One of those ideas that seems obvious after hearing about it… but of course if that were the case someone else would have done it first.

I really want the company to succeed, and I think it fits in perfectly with modern technology/media.

Paul McAfee

Chemical Engineer, Recent College Graduate

Using the Connexion Pointe video-interview and online learning tools helped me create a “rock star” first impression online interview that is easily included with my resume to H.R. departments and recruiters. This gives me the extra advantage I need to approach any career or job application I desire with confidence that my resume will stand-out amongst the crowd. 

Dr. Paul Thorpe (Ed.D.)

Yes! This looks great, and

I want to get in on it but

what’s the catch?”


you could skip over this offer today

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career coach at $400 per hour instead.

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As a matter of fact,

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All-Access Pass for

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Bonus 1

Connexion Pointe® ProNetwork™

What good are all of these tools if you still have to schedule phone screens after sourcing? Networking is king for finding the best candidates or getting the job you want! I created ProNetwork so that excellent recruiters and candidates can focus on connecting with the first screening interview already done, and putting some “Human” back into Human Resources!

ProNetwork takes the familiar social media functionality you already know and applies it to pure screening. Unlike other social media networks, ProNetwork is all screening, all of the time.

I really mean it! Pandering, puppies and politics are for LinkStaBook™. They’re strictly prohibited on ProNetwork™.

ProNetwork™ Is Screening at the Speed of Social and None of the Noise!


Membership for ProNetwork will be $97/mo after this offer closes!


Value: $1164

Bonus 2

3 to Get Ready

The Definitive Guide to Standing out in the Digital Age

Don’t know where to start or uncomfortable with video? We’ve got you covered!

Learn the 3 types of videos you should be using to support your resume and how to create them for FREE! My ebook and mini-course are packed with examples, step-by-step guides, and advice to get you started fast!

If you’ve ever used the term “video resume”, please go sit in the corner and take a 10-minute time out!

Afterward, you should update your video knowledge and perspectives by GETTING THIS OFFER!

This is an excellent place to start if you don’t have the money laying around for a professional career coach!

Value: $197

Bonus 3

Pointe Profile® Resume Builder

This is a good thing because at Connexion Pointe® we understand that an excellent, well-formatted cover letter and chronological resume are “must-haves”. Use our template to create a beautiful PDF resume and cover letter. It’s the same awesome template you’ve seen on national TV!

Other templates can cost $25 per month for continuous access. Ours is free to you with unlimited use! Why? Because you never know when you’ll take your turn in the role of candidate!

Value: $300


All of These Great Bonus Tools

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Once the offer closes, we

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I’m doing this because early adopters

are starting with us and

building with us by

contributing to something new

and sorely needed

in the screening space.

My team and I are committed

to making our platform a

worthwhile investment

for excellent job seekers


conscientious recruiters


Once the doors are closed,

you will not see this

low price again.

Not to worry though.

To make your decision

extremely easy,

I’m going to remove all risk.

I want to guarantee you take

advantage of this offer today,

and feel good about it.

You’re protected by our

30-day money-back


If you’re not

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get in touch

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we will give you a

complete refund.

It’s that simple.